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How To Photograph Food? – Photography Course, Week four

Food Photography week Whether it is a sugary birthday cake, a sizzling steak or a holiday feast, pictures of food are something that sparks the interest of many people. Just look at any bookstore display of women’s magazines! Continue reading

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Wildlife Photography Tips – Photography Course, Week three

Wildlife Photography weekThis week we are going to be giving you some great techniques and tips on the best ways to take wildlife photos. What could be more rewarding than capturing a shot of a mother bird feeding her young or a deer poised for flight in the morning mist? Continue reading

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How To Photograph Landscapes? – Photography Course, Week two

Landscape Photography WeekThis week’s lesson is on how to photograph landscapes. We are going to give you some tips and hints to help you to capture that perfect moment and scene. Many budding photographers, as well as those who have been taking pictures for many years have a love affair with landscapes. Continue reading

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18 Beautiful Nature Wallpapers For Every Desktop

18 Beautiful Nature wallpapers
It is still winter here and there is a lot of snow and ice everywhere. I don’t like the sight of the old melting snow and grey leafless trees. Everything looks so depressing and sad. I prefer to look at warmer sights with lot of vivid and refreshing colors, and there is nothing better for that purpose than beautiful photographs of nature. Continue reading

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