How to Make Your Own Desktop Wallpapers?

How to design your own wallpapers
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If you don’t need anything sophisticated, then open your Paint application and have a go. You never know where the next Picasso might lurk. If, however, abstract drawings are not the things you want to enjoy when turning on the computer, something more evolved is in order. It involves much more sophisticated software and a lot of imagination. Get the job done right and you might even set a new trend, if you decide to upload your work.

Before setting out on this type of quest, you should first ascertain the resolution of your screen. It will be best if your image will match the exact resolution. This way, no stretching, shrinking, blurring or any other unwanted effect will plague the background image.

Now, if you don’t trust the artist within to create something worthy of putting on display, try to modify an existing picture. Also, you have to consider the arrangement of icons on your monitor. Make sure they will be easily visible with the wallpaper up and running.

Ok, so you got an image editor and the picture you want to edit. If you choose a smaller or larger image than your screen resolution, the first thing to do is resize it. If it is larger, than there is no problem; however, if it is smaller than the screen resolution, you might want to check the colors, lines and contrast.

Next, you do what you want to do to the image. Enrich colors, add or remove elements, and so on – basically you can go wild until you have the desired result. Afterwards, you can save the file under whatever extension you wish or are allowed by the image editor. Also, you should keep in mind that the larger and richer the image is, the more space it will occupy. Even so, that size amounts to hundreds of KBs. Note that, when uploading a compressed image, the quality level drops a bit. It is not something easily noticeable, but you should be aware of that.

Another way of creating your own desktop wallpaper is by seeking out sites that offer this service. This has the added benefit of you not requiring advanced knowledge of any photo editing tool. If you know what click-and-drag and a magnifier mean, then you will have no problem in making your own wallpaper. Such sites offer the possibility of choosing an image (a default image or an uploaded one) and adding or removing stuff from it, changing the colors and contrast, adding text, and so on.

If you came to this point and think the last choice is still a bit complicated, then you should search the web for comprehensive tutorials on this subject. Be warned though that achieving a respectable status in wallpaper design will require you to become best friends with an image editor. Either that, or be a genius. But if you are set on creating the ultimate feast for the eyes, do not let any hardship stand in your way. Your PC and millions of other users worldwide will be grateful.

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