How to Change Your Desktop Wallpaper to a Slide Show?

How to Change Your Wallpaper to a Slide Show?
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Adding a bit of personal touch to our desktop or laptop is something that each of us wants to do. But since the vast majority of PC owners are not computer wizards, we are hesitant to make any changes. However, changing a static background to a dynamic one (a slide show) does not require an MIT diploma. In fact, it is an extremely simple process.

The article will attempt to deal with how to set a slideshow for a wallpaper on the most popular operating system, Windows. Let’s take a look at Windows 7 and what is needed to add your personality to it.

Unlike its predecessors, you don’t need any special pre-requisites, such as special software. The OS has the option of setting a slide show to act as a built-in background. Now, the first step is to gather all your desired pictures into one folder. Then right click on the desktop and select the option “Personalize”.

Click the “Browse” button and make your way to where the folder with the pictures is. After that, pick whatever picture you would like to feature in the slide show, and, using the drop down menu close to the bottom of the screen, select the frequency with which the images are switched (for example, every 60 minutes). The last step is to save your settings and enjoy.

As you could see, the process is extremely easy and simple. However, the ones using older versions, like Vista and XP, will have to do a bit of extra work. It is not that complicated in this case either, but special software is in order. Worry not, because this aspect is covered with many programs that are free to use and download. You do not need to open your wallet, or go to sleep worrying about possible repercussions.

Ok, so for Windows XP you have to get some software to do the job for you. Just like before, put the images into one folder, open the application, then navigate to that folder. Note that every image you placed in the folder will be used in the slide show. Finally, set for how long you want the pictures to be on display. So, there is nothing the likes of rocket science thus far, and neither will there be further on.

Vista also requires a special program. By now, you know what to do with the images. After that, go to the Run dialog box and type “Sidebar” (leave the quotation marks behind). When the sidebar appears, pres the + symbol and add the program you are using to create your desktop slide show with. Then get the configuration screen running. Then, select the path to your image folder, as well as each image’s display time.

That should wrap things up for the majority of computer users. Maybe we will all be lucky and Windows 8 will come out faster than expected, thus making everyone’s lives a bit more comfortable, not to mention setting up a slide show on your desktop even easier than it already is.

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